Killing Floor Xmas Event

Maybe some specimens from Xmas Event to Gmod? Why not?

I’ve been thinking about doing so.

Personally, I only think the Christmas Scrake is worth porting to GMod. The rest of them look really stupid. But hey, this isn’t my request.

I support.

Yes, the gingerbread… “I’m delicious…”

The Twisted Christmas Event is so fun! I support this; I hope it’ll see some productivity here soon. :slight_smile:

I support as well, but I thought the Christmas Husk is pretty cool too.

I support this! It would be pretty cool to see the new weapons ported as well!


I would personally want to see the final boss ported to Gmod.

I would like to see all of them :smiley: All specimens are good. I like Gorefasts, they’re scary.

I want the Steampunk Mr. Foster and the Gingerfast… Heh get it?! Ginger? Because he is a… okay nevermind.

Because is Gingerbreadman, I know …

That guy who made the other KF models was supposed to be on it since last time, where is he?

Found baddest santa and pyro models

From what I remember when I used that pack, most if not all of the models in that pack lack finger, face, AND eye posing. On top of that, they are a pain in the ass to work with when you try to pose them.

If someone knows a way to export the models with the bones included, hell, I will port them. Been taking a break from MK9 models, so I might try this.

Umodel exports from Killing Floor perfectly

I have all the Killing Floor models. They were selling it ALL this weekend on Steam for less than $10. Like Jason278 said, umodel exports them perfectly. I don’t rig for gmod though–I rig for Fallout.

Speaking of which, Jason278, I ported your Clayton Carmine GoW model into Fallout :slight_smile:

Here’s a look at some Homefront and new Killing Floor models:

despite all the criticism on HF, those models look awesome. too bad you aren’t rigging for gmod, you’d be a great help to the requests that come up around here.
will these be for Fallout NV?

Yes, they will be for NV. I can also post resources in case others want to rig these for gmod. You know, just objs and tgas perhaps.

I remember nexus elite was working on these models also the circus ones

If you’re serious about working on them, I can send you the PSK and TGA files for them.

They’ll have to be scaled down to around 72.9% of their original size to match the scaling for the characters ported already, otherwise they’d be pretty large (even compared to the TF2 characters’ sizes).