Killing Floor

No pun intended

Edited: shading, texturing of carpet, blood, muzzle flash, and shitty night vision effect
for some reason the blood looks like it is on top of the night vision even though the night vision layer was on top of all of the other layers.

Without said night vision effect:

nice shading yeah that nightvision was a fail

What? The night vision was cool.

I say the blood ruined it. If there was a hint of it under it’s arm it woul dbe a lot nicer. Still, looks nice.

EDIT: take out the damn blood. It looks like someone’s shooting it from behind.

why would there be blood under his arm?

the blood needs motion blur

And blood needs to be less opaque and a bit darker.

Pose is good man, blood needs work though.


the berserker’s bane

Needs more skull fragments imo.