Killing Stairs Through walls.

Anyone else been trolled or know that you can kill stairs through walls? The back middle part of stairs show through the walls. (The Horizontal Line mid stairs) and if you pickaxe it or hit it with a hatchet you can destroy the stairs from the outside. Is this ment to be? Or is this going to be fixed. It “appears” as there are small areas on the side walls too of the stars that also stick out you could pickaxe/Hatchet also.

Thanks for the tip

its bug, but thx :dance:

brb pickaxing my rivals stairs xD

I just hope someone can look into this. I’m sure this is not suppose to happen lol

I agree it should be fixed, not just for this reason, but so people can’t stand on it. That said, we currently destroy stairs like this, so the inhabitants can’t move loot, when we are raiding.

In the meantime, don’t build stairs along the outward wall.

Also, this has been along since before steam release =)

how long does it take to destroy the stairs?

About 30 pickaxe hits.

thanks for the info

Putting all the halfway points inwards, is a HUGE pain though, it makes navigating your house horrible on anything less than a 4x4.

being safe is better than everything else bro :slight_smile:

It is annoying that people can see stairs/ramps sticking through the walls partially. Gives the enemy advantage being able to see where to get up to the next level without having to waste explosives checking.

Yeah but if there was a gap then all kinds of shit would get stuck between there and the wall. You would lose your bullets.

Does anyone know if this is the case for metal stairs and walls also?! or is it just like this for wood walls/stairs?

I don’t believe the metal sticks through on metal stairs, but that said, you can’t hatchet metal stairs or ramps, so it’s not relevant other than the issue of standing on this little lip.