Killing those speedy animals....

There have been some threads mentioning the speedy animals.

Currently, you run up to an animal and in most cases you are able to get in a first strike, using lower class weapons in the first couple of hours of initial game play. In fact, even when you have advanced weapons, you are reluctant to use those noisy things on animal harvests, so animal harvest are usually with lower class weapons throughout many hours of game play. After first approach/hit, the animal then runs off like it has booster rockets on its ask and disappears into the horizon. You eventually track it down and its slugging around like its drunk where you can wack it easily a couple of times.

I am ok with the challenge right now with them, but would suggest some tweaks to the wacky way right now…

The animal should be better aware of your approach so that it begins to run off based on your approach. Running up to them with a rock screaming like a crazed lunatic would never yield results. You may, if you are lucky or strategic enough, be able to sneak up and spear it. You should be able to get somewhat close enough to bow it with a good shot. Once you hit the animal, then it runs off slower and wounded, leaving a trail of blood. It would gradually slow as it bobs and weaves and eventually dies. It would try die in tall grass, in a bush or in a rock crevasse. The blood trail would be your best clue as to its death location. The trail could also be intermittent blood splats based on weapon. The lower the weapon class the harder to spot the blood trail.

The key here, is that the animal responds better to your approach(fast runaway) and a slower runaway if hit, to the point of dying shortly thereafter.

I am not trying to suggest an animal hunting sim, but only improve the PVE a bit.

too bad you can’t use human skin to make a bow

IMHO it’s a shame that the interesting sneaky approach of the legacy version doesn’t have any effect anymore in experimental.

You should be able to get much more closer to an animal before it runs off if you are crouching. Also I agree, if you hit an animal it should slow down because it should be injured.

bleeding would be a good mechanic to apply to animals.