KillingFloor All Soldiersand Specimens! (psk & tga)

Well those are all KillingFloor Soldiers and Specimens in psk and tga file formats. You’ll need MilkShape 3d (1.8.4) or 3d Studio Max + psk importer, or Blender 2.5 whith psk importer in order to use those.
There are 39 character models (38 soldiers + 1 trader), I have included all the specimens (normal, circus, halloween and xmas)

Download the Soldiers

Downoad All the Specimens

Someone rig the German and the Russian guy.
Do it.

They are all rigged, just need to be edited and compiled. :stuck_out_tongue: (but I’m not experienced enough to do it, that’s why I’m posting them). Aniway the models are much more than those shown on the screans… :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait for NexusElite to come and take care of this

Fucking awesome!!! i hope see this models on gmod soon !!

i would KILL for the pyro KF model… I have plans. also, if nexus actually compiles these, will you kindly pm me the pyro KF model as an SMD?

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also, were these extracted models or what?

The Pyro’s are already compiled if I’m correct.
Check for it.

i hope someone will port them soon

They have no finger posing, which is a real turn-down.

75 in the pipe.

clown bloat must be done

Sorry if this sounds rude but is anyone working on this for Gmod?

nobody knows

Working on!

you are working on it? nice

I’ve maked 2 playermodels and npc whit the smd,but some texture don’t exist like the “flishy.smd” :confused:
And i must Rebuild ALL the bones and for make it works :confused:

All textures are there (I have ported those models to hl1 engine…). About the bones… Well they are not my concern. :stuck_out_tongue: I know how to make those bones to work for hl1 engine… oh and one more thing… those bones are not the valve bipped bones… You need damn good hacking skills in order to convert them, or you can simply make them as ragdools. I think the player models are useless.

Edit: Let me give you a little hint… you can actually conver the bones and use them as valve bipped bones. Just have to use milkshape 3d…

Yeah,you are right,no is easy recreate the bones and make the skin for this… you can do a simple ragdoll,but, i don’t like the idea :confused:

Well… you don’t need to recreate the bones… Rename, export, import the newskeleton, import and here you go. Rigged on dfault valve bipped…