Killinig Floor + DLC Characters and Weapons

(Had to repost as I posted in the wrong forum.) :\

I’m pretty sure it’s been asked before, but I can’t find any other threads so far, and doesn’t have these (or they do, but non-working ones).

I’m wanting the models of the characters and weapons from Killing Floor, including all the DLC characters. I’m wanting to make a video (or 2) using certain characters, and the weapons from the game. I downloaded the only 2 files that were on, however the original is outdated and doesn’t work with the new gmod (after the updates (unless I’ve installed it wrong :\ )), and the only DLC they have is London’s Finest, which I will be using 2 characters from that. The DLC one works, I just need the originals, and the other DLCs.

Could someone please make this for me (and for other people who need the models)?

Also, do I really need to include reference pics?


PS: This bit is optional, but, could someone also extract all the voice files and pack them into a zip/rar and upload to any download site? I don’t know how to extract from uax files, and the websites that offer the tools for download look rather dodgy and are ad-ridden.

This pack was released a while back, it’s obviously not fully up to date but it has a good portion of content from the game.

Just, please, don’t post in that thread. It’s been bumped enough times as it is.

I’m still needing the Steampunk DLC characters, but thanks anyway.

Do you have Killing Floor SDK installed?

Yes I do…

Thank you for that 1000 word post.