Killshot - Thou shall be smitten

this one was done in-game(cept for the ripple)

To bloomish. Other than that nice posing and editing, even though I can’t see any editing :stuck_out_tongue:

You should round out the barrel. Other than that, the pic looks pretty cool.

i decided not to cuz i was lazy

i like the lighting

the thing about ingame color correction as I’m sure you’ve found out is that the contrast gets so extreme so quickly. that’s one of the main reasons I throw a light to the side to fill the darkened parts of the image.

did you try making your own phong or something for the models? a lot of the highlights are huge as if some kind of surface shine is there when all you really need is rimlighting

Editing is good.
Posing is good.
A tad too much bloom.

hahaha you idiots: there is no bloom in these pictures.

Yeah, I took tf2’s phong. that might be why

i keep reading the title as “Thou shall be mitten”

Then why is the muzzle flash nearly invisible with the sky?

You obviously don’t know what bloom is then.

The muzzle flash is invisible because it’s the same color as the sky, not because of bloom.

hahahahahahahahaha are you serious haha yes you are, oh my god


alright, alright, ALRIGHT: the reason the muzzleflash blends in with the sky is because of the stark CONTRAST. It’s contrast – the more contrasted a picture is, the more extreme shadows/highlights are and the less midtones there are. I know, I know, these words you’ve never heard of before, so let me make it simple for you.

If the picture had normal Source contrast of 0, the sky would not blend the muzzleflash in to it. However, let’s say that in color correction, a contrast of, say , .9 was used – what’s that mean? it means that there is more highlights and more shadows – that’s why everything is mostly black and mostly white with very little grey or colored areas in general in the picture.

Contrast is not bloom. Bloom is the horrible bleed that you get between certain parts of a picture, when the highlights cover up the shadows.

See all of that fuzzy shit in the sky? THAT is bloom. This picture doesn’t have an ounce of it.

How can you not understand this? This is remedial knowledge.