Killstreak of 11 and takedown of a group!

You should use video tags instead of pasting the URL.

Sweet call of duty video man.

Call of duty? No. If it was, every time he fired it would be a full mag.

I left a like TC

I guess people are hating because of the way you edited the video? I thought it was pretty good atleast. Nice killstreak aswell, people are probably just jealous lol.

dude this is the 3rd or 4th time you posted this video. everyone look at his thread history. lol nothing amazing, a bunch of kills where people aren’t even looking at you.

Pvp server, no risk not interesting

It may be a PvP server. But it’s still a nice video. Also you do risk money.

EDIT: Atleast most servers use the Oxide plugins money mod.

[quote=“lassemann, post:1, topic:169588”]


Got a new account huh?

Here’s you complaining about being banned for cheating.

And here’s your steam account with a VAC ban on it. Looks like you haven’t played Rust since the 22nd of February on this account:

My god, how can you be so bad at shooting?

0:14 lol’d so hard