Killzone 2 Helghast Scout Model (I'll buy it :3)

I need a model, not just any model, the Helghast Scout/Sniper Model. Hexed, if you would.
If you make it, i’ll buy it. But due to the fact that I am paying for said model, It would have to be private. The price, well, thats up to you. Valve Skeleton, if you would.


I can’t imagine that happening, since it seems to be near-impossible to port from PS3 games.

It’s impossible unless you know how to reverse engineer.

Remade from scratch, thats not impossible. But HELL to do, which is why I can pay for it.

depends how much you’ll pay.

To be honest if you wanted a high qual model with texturing and rigging it would probably run at around 250+USD in the least unless the person doing was interested in it.

I’ve got that much,

How’s this funny?

your going to pay $250 for one model really why not get 15 model out for killzone for that i mean there are more than a sniper in the game why not prop and ragdoll

=/ Yeah, 250$, Why wouldn’t i pay that much? The person deserves it.

deserves what i little bit of work people to harder stuff for nothing
i mean cmon mate if your going to pay for something you what as much of it as you can you dont pay for a half a game do you

:confused: We will see if anyone even accepts the challenge, And when/if the model is finished. THEN we will get a price.

Just putting this out here: You don’t really know how much of a pain it is to model something – and model it well, at that – that’s as detailed as a Helghast Scout, huh? $250 for a freelance job on something like this is pretty good.

And i agree, which is what i’ve been trying to explain.

you no what i really dont care how you spend your money all i think is that he should get a lot more for the money that he is paying

no one cares what you think, just pointing that out.

You would actually spend $250, for a prop in garrysmod?
thats almost as bad as buying a hat for $20 in tf2.
Thats pretty fucked up.

The thing is, creation of high quality custom assets like this takes time, the tools can be quite steep as well, know how which not many have and artistic talent.

I’d say 250 is still relatively optimistic. I personally don’t see much of a reason for a recreation of one model to be for a gamemode whatever (valve skeleton so seems to want valve anims) when one could instead use this money to put together a completely unique project. But that’s just me.

I just know that I’m no modeller, but there are some on this board.

I have my intentions for this model, and my views and goals stand firm. I will pay for this model, clear and simple as day. And who knows, i never said i wanted it just for Garry’s Mod?

the model isn’t even that good. 3 glowing eyes(nice bullet magnet) and a single scope. wonder how that works.

Funny, hearing that coming from someone with Justin Bieber as their avatar…

Do I smell an ISA player?