Killzone 3 Helghast Capture Trooper

Killzone 3 Helghast Capture Trooper[/t]
Non-gmod workshop link:

As I am someone from very few words:

The model has finperposing and bodygroups but it is recommended use the advance bone tool or joint tool to pose the fingers (since the model does not close the hands properly). **

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I hope that all those Killzone dudes being ported leads to something big.
Having most of KZ2/3 Helghast and ISA classes (if not all)would be a dream.

surprised you used my picture, can barely see em

awesome release regardless

Awesome, though, where did you get the scene build models from that scene where they are in the meeting room?

Too damn cool. Helghast always get the good shit. Prays for an SFM release

amazing images :slight_smile:

Could we possibly get a non-gmod workshop link?

I added a link in the thread:

Thanks! Much appreciated.


Awesome work, Elcard!

Secsi Elcrad