Killzone 3 Helghast to gmod

So a while back someone ported a few helghast from KZ3, I think someone might’ve been making them for gmod but clearly never released them. Personally, I just want the rifleman

If anyone could take the time to fix this guy up for gmod that would be great.

Models here

Somebody was working on them and they had the regular, non-arctic riflemen ported, but they never got a public release, which made me angry/sad.

because they weren’t done
besides there’s no weapons for them

Yeah well for one that was months ago. Plus plenty of people seemed to have them and be using them. So what if they don’t have guns, there aren’t any Borderlands guns to go with the Borderlands characters either.

and those were testers
i don’t just hand models out willy nilly when they’re not done

Well unless someone posts here saying that they are working on them I think it’s fairly safe to say no one is. I don’t even think anyone explicitly said they were in the first place, they just kinda showed up in a few poses.

It’s called “patience”

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Well you will get this from time to time when people test models, but most say these are test models, not every single model maker has to expressively tell the whole community to what they are working on all the time.

Regarding lack of weapons, Bizon and Famas models work decently.

i have ninja’s unfinished ports of wei and jackie from sleeping dogs
[sp]which you should like totally finish[/sp]
but thats because i helped with getting the meshes.

Now those you may want to hold off on. In a few days Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition will be downloadable, then I can quickly give you massively upgraded textures and meshes for both.

i bet you already pre-ordered

I preordered it the moment I saw it, and then preordered it an extra two times as gifts.

But we’re completely off topic here.