Kinda like to see a humanoid poison headcrab model

How’s it going? Im kind of new to the threads here, but I know the site restrictions. I have scanned the files like a mad man trying to find this model…no dice. All I know is that it was considered and abandoned in mid-2009. I have also looked for reference material, but their is none. This was considered along with the “Sexy Lamarr” model but was never concieved, nor worked on. Im not a good model maker, if I was I would not be asking you guys…but hey, its just a request. I currently have the Lamarr model mentiond above…the thread is still up but is closed, it would be good for reference. I use this model in every story I did, if this request can become a reality, I might just have to clear off 10 or 15gb for Gmod agian, the best of luck. One more thing from a novice to a sea of experts…make her a girl, my Lamarr really needs a friend.
Reference thread: In the second picture, I believe the girl behind lamarr is a poison headcrab, well, what someone thought a human poison crab would look like. I would really appritiate this.

To the person, or persons…if any…who decide to do this for me. Take your time, I am increadibly patient.

       Admiral Adama


Here’s the link it was in a thread I found simply by searching Lamarr

as for it being the poison one just recolor it can’t be that hard

The Lamarr one was completed and released. Just so you know. Search the releases.

I’ve searched and can no longer find the thread.

Thats the one I have, I was requesting a poison humanoid headcrab, shes a standard humanoid headcrab, but nice try though.

Ugh, how can you like Sexy Llamar? That model is hideous.

But a humanoid poison headcrab?

Stalker from Killing Floor is your best bet.

Can you reupload? I’ll give it a shot skinning it.

Forgive me, friend…bring new here I do not know how to do that, the best I can do is give a link to the original thread or the Megaupload download.

Helloooooo what did I do I gave you the link

Doh!!! Im sorry, I need to read my own thread more often, thanks man. ViralHatred, what would you have to do in order to do that? Download the files and edit them from there, or is it more complicating that that?


Good Day.
After spending countless hours scowering the net for a good reference, I believe I have struck gold…

Forgive me for the site, its the best I could find.
If my eyes are not decieving me…I think their are two poison human headcrabs in this pic…I know…sense they are in the pic their may be a model. I litteraly tore the internet apart trying to find a model…no dice. It does not look shopped to me, but if anyone has an opinion or an idea…Im all ears.

      Thanks from the Battlestar Galactica!!!