Kinect is detected but does not work

I have the run time, and I have a kinect, but it refuses to work. If I launch gmod and go into the kinect settings and make it show the video feed, my kinect’s red lights will turn on but there is no actual video. If I go in game to control a rag doll, the choice pops up but I still cannot control it. The only thing I’ve found that may be an issue is that I once installed the OpenNI run time just to goof around on, and multiple people have said that the official runtime is not compatible with it. I have uninstalled the OpenNI run time, still nothing. I re installed the Microsoft run time with OpenNI still uninstalled, still nothing. I looked a bit deeper and some people have said that OpenNI still leaves behind a few dll’s that the kinect picks up but cannot run, and people have recommended that I should find all the files and uninstall them. Problem is, there are no dll files that I can find that may still have something to do with OpenNI, and the only thing I can think of is to re install windows, but I really don’t want to do that. Does anyone else have a solution?

I have the same issue, difference being that the Kinect’s green light keeps flashing forever instead of a red light coming on.

Actually I am having the same issue. By red light, I meant the depth sensor. But, the power light just keeps blinking forever.

Make sure you have both the Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.6 And Kinect for Windows SDK v1.6 Installed.

I have the same issue but I believe I have never installed anything else related to Kinect like that OpenNI, I couldn’t understand how to get that to work so I immediately deleted it. So I think it’s something Garry must fix.

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SDK really needed? well ill try now and see if it fixes. brb

I have them both installed. I launched a sample app and only the microphone worked, so I have a feeling this has something to do with broken kinect run times.

Does the kinect for windows camera show up in your device manager?

Did for me with just Runtime

Yes. I can use the kinect as a microphone, and the kinect physically responds to applications, just no actual image shows up.

SDK comes up with error when installing but doesn’t say what :frowning: computers

“and the kinect physically responds to applications” what apps?

Applications that are in the Dev SDK. It turns on the sensor, but no image shows up. I have a feeling that this has something to do with the runtime and not gmod, so I posted this to see if anyone has a solution.

Which kinect are you using? The windows one or xbox one?

There’s a difference?

One works almost automatically, the other is hacked in to work.

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I have the Xbox 360 version. And although didn’t work immediately, it works now. I downloaded that SDK and it worked.

Yeah I get the feeling you need to download the SDK to get the XBox one to work. If someone can confirm that I will update the wiki.

aww the SDK gets error immediately when i try to install. This is so depressing!

EDIT actually just seeing that you need visual studio to install SDK so i will confirm if this fixes.

EDIT Bloody 6gb for Visual Studio and Microsoft downloads take forever for me, took me an hour for SDK to download :S

FARK! Visual Studio came up with error half way through i give up!

Fixed it for me by installing the SDK.

Did you need Visual Studio to install the SDK?

I’m using an xbox kinect. The sdk is installed and working, I don’t think that’s the issue. I think it has something to do with OpenNI’s drivers that the uninstaller left behind, so I was just wondering if anyone had a way to completely uninstall them without reinstalling windows.