Kinect sensor spawns but the ragdoll does not react to my movement

Greetings, I got the latest SVN revision of garry’s mod and I got the Kinect 1.6 runtime thing and my kinect is all set up.
When I go on to GMod and spawn a ragdoll then do the hold C and right click thing it shows the “Control with kinect” option and I do that which does spawn the kinect model.
Once the model is spawned I run over to my kinect sensor and prance around like an idiot but nothing happens.

How the hell am I messing up? My sensor is the right distance away and all that.

Also when I move the in game sensor around the ragdoll doesn’t move (I’ve no idea if it should or not but yeah, just putting that out there)

So if anyone knows where I’ve fucked up, tell me please.