Kinect, where did you go?

We all saw this amazing kinect module for gmod where he kicked around boxes being dog and all that, but what happened to it? He released it, but as I can see, there was only a OSX version.
FaceAPI works, but it isn’t near as cool as kinect would be. (and it isn’t really the same thing)

link me to the thead, i will compile it to windows when i get the time.

Pretty sure the ‘kinect module’ was just gm_oosocks + lua coding. Kinect contact was just using a local internet connection.

gm_oosocks was made for both osx and pc, so just dl the pc version and put in all the lua files.

FaceAPI and Kinect are all gimmicks, imho. It’s just something you see that’s cool and you want it, but when you get it, you do almost absolutely nothing with it.

Same with iPhone…