King Dedede

Can someone rip this from Brawl?

There’s a lot of characters ripped already but I have yet to see this one.

support :smiley:

100% support

Support, because Dedede was my best character in Brawl.

I would like really if someone do King Dedede. Also, i´m an excelent player with him, but i would prefer him in his white/blue suit, i called him King IceIceIce

How do you even play with Triple-Dee, he’s slow as fuck. Sure he’s strong, but, heck…

If you have techniques, you sure be good with him, if you want more, i know to play with ALL the characters, including the princess Zelda & Peach, but some character i know to play with them, but i don´t like to play with them, how Snake, Marth…

If you charge his hammer attacks, he can send flying an enemy with very little damage.

Also, in air, he has to repetitive and potent attacks, the sides are useful, more the oposse side, he can use the up an down attacks, but you have to think about it, and in the up, you need luck for do it complete. Also, the side ground attack is his more powerful attack, but makes you an easy target for punch

Dedede’s size is his real issue. He takes in a lot of damage because he’s so easy to hit. His slow speed isn’t as much of a problem if you know how to time things well.

PS: His down + special is pretty damn powerful.

King Dedede is too fat to fit in a model ripper.
Gabe Newell can’t even fit in a whole computer.

Yeah, but his weight also means that he can take more damage before he becomes easy to throw off. You’ve just got to be good with him. I’ve won some rounds (one on one with one life) in less than 5 seconds with him before. My other good character was Sonic, whom I used for his speed to be annoying as possible.

Now that everyone is done talking about how you play him, how about that model?

It would be first have the ISO and then extract the models.

And also, i know to play with all the characters, but i have to say, IceIceIce, it´s in some form hard to masterize, but for his weight and strenght attacks, it has good advantages, for example, when he do his smash attack, can beat you really easy, and also it´s funny some of his attack (the run attack), but, nevermind, let´s end the theme of the skills of King IceIce to port him from Brawl

Isn’t there a repository of all the ripped models from Brawl?

I remember a page, all the ppl use that page for port models, but, actually, i see the Brawl ports, and there´s only enemies, no character D: