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Well done, good flare at the lower edge of the frame. Program?

The red light is problematic. See the props are supposed to reflect the red light, but they don’t. The props and character are light blue/greenish while the sky is purple/blue and reddish in parts. If some of the props had rim lighting from the red I guess it would kind of make sense.

Personally, I would have used a different sky, just a regular blue starry night would be fine.

Why in every thread lol.

Nice pose though Evgeny.

Because good renders require twice the effort if it’s in Gmod.

That’s a load of shit.

It isn’t. And you can’t argue objective technicalities. SFM has an actual renderer which is designed to produce industry standard products, and is equipped with a variety of graphical capabilities such as accurate motion blur, high quality dynamic lights that cast soft shadows, volumetric lighting combined with atmospheric fog passes, ambient occlusion, accurate depth of field, revamped shaders, more detailed rim lighting, all several clicks and setting tweaks away, all of them being rendered into the same output image. While SFM is an up to date professional program designed for renders and animation, Garry’smod is an outdated game based on an engine released in 2004 that runs on DirectX9, which is supposed to run in real time with 60+ FPS, meaning compromise is made in every graphics related field. To generate good renders in Gmod, (and by renders I don’t mean art, I mean renders…) you have to know what you’re doing. You have to literally get out of your way to extract as much information as possible from Garry’smod, use it for what it wasn’t designed to do, and spend valuable time tweaking and manually editing all of the extracts post game. I suggest you take a closer look at what SonOfBrim had to do in his recent pose to get a feel for what I mean.

Don’t tell me it’s a load of shit.

Still think it’s silly to judge content based on how it was created opposed to it’s own artistic merit. GMod has undeniable benefits too so this isn’t completely one sided.

I judge art by content and that alone. I separately look at technique because to me, the technique itself is a whole form of art, which could and should be recognized. Looking at an artist’s technique opens a whole new dimension of deeper observation into the mind behind the work, and this is applicable to any piece, poses included.

They are two seperate things, know I can differentiate. I don’t think less of a picture with little effort put in it.

With that said, there is no denying that technical quality and recognizability positively influences an artwork’s lifespan.

do you take commissions?

nah, i don’t think so :v

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