King of Fighters models/ragdolls?

I’m honestly kinda surprised I can’t even find Terry Bogard anywhere. It’s kinda depressing.

So I figured I’d take a dive and ask for some ragdolls (proper rigging? playermodels too? :open_mouth: ) from King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2. I’m most interested in:
Fio Germi:
Terry Bogard:
Kyo Kusanagi:
Mai Shiranui:
Geese Howard:

Anyone willing to bust their ass over this? I’d really appreciate it, and I’m sure there’s a lot of King of Fighters-loving Garrysmod users who would appreciate your efforts too!


Edit: Oh yeah, Rock Howard is nice too.

Greatidea! i’d love a Mai shiranui raggdoll or playermodel!

Nice couple months bump but it matters not.
All of my damn support.
Garrysmod needs more BUAAAAST WOLF!

Leona Heidern to accompany the existing Cammy White ragdoll… That would be so so sweet. drool

I’ve been trying a year or so I think to request this one Mai model into gmod. I’m still trying though.

I did take a look at this thread here to see what they had