King of Fighters

Hey every1!

I am looking for King of fighters max impact models. If anyone know or may have please let me know. Thanks

I support this request. I will give a cookie* to whoever makes ragdolls of Yuri and Blue Mary!

*May or may not actually get a cookie. But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

I support this request entirely. It would be nice to see K’ get ported into Gmod.

I also support this. Terry, Iori or Leona would be great.

I actually wanted to make a King of Fighters request myself, but I already had a request I wanted to make. I am VERY MUCH for this. mquest, Terry, Iori, and Leona are my three favorites too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Terry is the one I want most, Iori is an eternal badass, and Leona is one of my top favorite female KoF characters along with Athena and B. Jenet. K’ would be cool to have. I believe Rock Howard, Geese, and Ralf Jones are in the 3D games too. I’m not sure if Andy is, though, and I’m pretty sure Chris, Shingo, and Krauser aren’t either. :frowning:

Terry is a must have, though. I can’t believe there isn’t already a Terry ragdoll. For that matter, I can’t find any Street Fighter characters except Chun-Li for whatever reason. I’d love Vega, Sakura, and Gen. :smiley:

Super Street Fighter IV is going to be adding some great choices too, like Guy and Cody, Dudley, Makoto, Ibuki. No sign of Oro, Remy, or Poison, but I’m thrilled that Makoto and Dudley are there, and hope they can be turned into ragdolls too!

Capcom vs SNK is great, but there’s not nearly enough scenarios involving Terry passed out drunk on the couch while Vega drives his ice cream truck around the block. >_>

I guess no luck with these models huh?


I have only these = (

madmax, do you know if you can port those models to gmod ?

There are a couple I would love to have, but there arent any links to DL the models.

there good ones there, like mai, kula, leona,kyo,and iori. also terry and fatel blue.

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if only madmax can port them to gmod.

But there ARENT any links to download the models, just images.

If there is a link and I dont see em, please let me know but as of right now there arent any links for the models.