King of the Garden

This gamemode has three stages, the first stage is growing a basic plant on a platform. This plant is required to create a solution to grow a fruit plant which is used to make a solution to grow a tree.

There are 3 seed bags, the first green one is the easy plant that you start to grow and is quite simple since it cannot be infected and is really easy to maintain (Just needs watering every minute for 5 minutes)

The second bag (Blue One) is for the fruit plants which are more difficult to maintain. The soil it uses needs to be mixed with the first plant you grow. The soil is inside of the 3 green containers (1 bucket for the basic plant, 1 for the fruit plant and 5 for the tree).

In the second bag you have a chance of getting 3 plants (Melon the easiest, Orange the intermediate and Banana the hardest). It is significant because the harder the fruit plant you get the easier the tree you get.

Making the third bag (Red One) the Tree seed bag. I have not quite chosen how the tree growing will work (Something to do with defending your tree from antlions :P) but I don’t know so far.

You’ll of course also need to use Fertilizer.

And will have a wide selection of tools to choose from.

So far only the bucket has a purpose of collecting soil and using it on the plant trays.

I’ve had a couple beta testers (Special thanks for Sechs for some help with the code) but so far all I have is an inventory system, being able to collect soil, using it on a tray, grabbing a seed and starting to grow a plant. I have not even had time to implement watering cans yet but will. The HUD is non-existant it’s just a blank slate and an inventory when you use F2. I will put a help for F1.

For the few days I have been working on this and how new I am to Lua I think i’ve done quite well. The test was fun and I got some good feedback and ideas.

The gamemode has a limited number of players it seems I get a really stupid error when I have more than 24 trays at once but I find that 24 is an ample ammount of players. I will update this with new pics ASAP.


It’s not completed yet.

None of the gamemodes that are entered are done yet. All of these are basically place holder threads.

lol wut? This looks pretty fucked up. I’m going to have to see this when it’s done.

( INSTABANNED Used the word **lol wut** )

Simply epic.

Yay! This one looks good, now you just need your own map.

Very nice! The best gardening mod for the contest i have seen yet. Hope it’s done soon!

Nice to see positive feedback.

WOW! This looks awesome I’m LUA kinging you as soon as the gamemode is out.

Wow, growing stuff never looked so fun!

…What’s the point? How do you win? Where’s the fun of it? It seems like you’d pop into a server, grow a plant, grow another plant, get bored then leave.

I really wish I knew why my account got banned, but the game will involve defending your plants from Antlions.

Weapons will be:

  • Shovel (Average Speed and Damage)
  • Pitchfork (Slow but Damaging)
  • Hatchet (Fast but Weak)

The weapons can be seen on the table and you will be able to select one from the selection.

Cut the NPCs fighting.
It’s standard and very fantasyless.

I personally think that it’s a great idea. it’s nothing too hard and nothing to easy. but i would like to see antlions and headcrabs

Looks like a very good start, particularly when you’re new to Lua. Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Tested the Combat, so far all I have is the shovel weapon and the animation is still quite glitchy. The tree growth system is still incomplete so far it’s just a wait fest but i’m working on making a pretty complex system of maintenance aswell as starting to work on a map to go with the game.

Here’s a pic to keep you entertained.

I heard about this its amazing.

Combat looks nice.

Looks quite interesting, I’ll keep an eye on this until release. (maybe :))