King of the Hill Ragdolls

I was wondering if someone could make some ragdolls based off of the show. All I want are:

-Hank Hill
-Dale Gribble
-Jeff Boomhauer
-Bill Dauterive
-Peggy Hill
-Bobby Hill
-Luanne Platter

Of course, if the list is too much, that’s fine. Just be sure to at least do Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill.

I prefer the textures to look realistic, but I’ll be fine if you stick with the cartoon style.

Here are some reference pictures:

Unfortunately, there’s no game or anything based off of KotH, so these models would need to be made from scratch. And that takes a lot of time, effort and willpower. Unless you’re willing to fork over cash or something, I’m afraid this won’t get done.

Also, for future reference, people prefer that you post reference pics of the request. I know what KotH is, but others might not.

If someone makes Hank, they need to make Pro Pain Hank, so Gmod can taste the meat, and the heat…

Unfortuentally, I don’t think they’ve ever had any games to take models from. Should have, I tell you h’what.

…Ok, I’ll stop with the quoting.

My only guess is there might be some models on DevianArt, I’ve seen some people suggest models for others things from there. I don’t usually go near that site, though, so I wouldn’t know for sure.

Good luck if someone does take this up.

If you want cartoon style,try using some TF2 models

This would be hilariously awesome to see, but I also doubt it’ll happen.

But it would be nice.