King Of The Hill

Chances are you’ve played king of the hill if you’ve joined a Fretta server.

The idea behind it is that both teams have to fight over controlling the hill. The more players you have on it, the more time you earn. Players on the hill also slowly regain health.

I’ve taken most of the HL2 weapons and completely changed their purposes. Every weapon also has a secondary firemode.

Teh List Of Weapons

The Pistola
[ul][li]Single shot: The basic firemode. Quite accurate and a high ROF, but bullets are slightly weaker.
[/li][li]Slug rounds: Less accurate and a slower ROF, but bullets pack a punch that sends the enemy flying.[/ul]
[ul][li]Automatic Fire: Fairly accurate and balanced basic firemode.
[/li][li]Magazine Discharge: Less accurate but highly lethal in close quarters. When activated, the weapon empties its magazine 3x faster than the automatic firemode.[/ul]
The Shotgun
[ul][li]Single Shot: The basic firemode for the shotgun. Lethal in close quarters.
[/li][li]Double Blast: Unleashes two shots in succession. Wastes ammo faster, but also functions as a “super jump”, allowing the user to launch themselves upwards with well timed shots.[/ul]
The Tesla Cannon
[ul][li]Tesla Bolt: Unleashes an electrical surge which will jump from object to object (even players!), damaging everything it hits. The bolt can also jump back to the user of the weapon, so the user has to be careful to stay out of range of the bolt. The power of the bolt depends on how well charged the weapon is.
[/li][li]Deploy Beacon: Shoots out a beacon which acts as a conductor for the tesla bolts. When a bolt jumps to a beacon, it retains more of its power. The beacons also help the user recharge faster. The beacons will become less stable if there are many in a cluster.[/ul]
The Radiation Cannon
[ul][li]Radiation Beam: Lets loose a beam of radiation. Wherever the beam hits, the area will become irradiated for a while. Radiation will damage players over time, and will stick to any entity it hits. One useful tactic with the radiation cannon is to block entrances with radiation or irradiate a teammate who’s about to run into battle (since team damage is disabled you basically turn them into a moving chunk of radiation).
[/li][li]Nuclear Suicide: Unleash a payload of radiation FOR ALLAH. The resulting payload will kill you, but it will also leave a huge chunk of radiation covering the area for a while.[/ul]
The Plasma Rifle
[ul][li]Plasma Bomb: Launches a plasma bomb which explodes if it hits a player. If it hits the world, it will wait a few seconds before detonating. The explosion will temporarily blind any poor fool who gets too close.
[/li][li]Laser Beam: Unleashes a laser beam which bounces off walls until it either disintegrates or hits a player. Particularly useful for long distance shots, or for use in tight corridors.[/ul]
Bouncing Betsies
[ul][li]Bouncing Betsy: Drop a proximity bomb which will jump into the air and rain down bullets on any unsuspecting enemies that activate it.
[/li][li]Pinball Grenades: Throw a grenade which bounces around until its fuse runs out, or if it lands near an enemy. The explosion will unleash shrapnel on the surrounding area, making it powerful in close quarters.[/ul]
Teh List Of Powerups

When a player dies, there is a 20% chance they will drop a powerup. There are different types, but i don’t have enough coded yet…

[ul][li]Regeneration: When picked up, the user will regenerate health over the course of 20 seconds, making them particularly difficult to kill.
[li]Rage: When activated, the user deals double the damage for 20 seconds, making them a meatplow.
[li]Agility: When activated, the user is able to jump higher and run faster.[/ul]
What i need from the community

I need mappers! If you have ever made a cool deathmatch-style map, then consider making it work with king of the hill! I’ll post a VMF of my cool bunker map for people who want to see how to make a map.

I also need ideas for powerups. Any balanced and unique idea is welcome.

The system i have made for powerups is pretty kickass… Here’s a barebones example of regeneration.

local POWERUP = {}

POWERUP.DisplayName = “Regeneration”
POWERUP.Color = Color( 0, 255, 0, 255 )
POWERUP.Duration = 20
POWERUP.PickupSound = Sound( “buttons/button8.wav” )

function POWERUP:Start( pl )

self.EndTime = CurTime() + self.Duration

pl:EmitSound( self.PickupSound )


function POWERUP:Think( pl )

if ( self.HealTime or 0 ) < CurTime() and pl:Health() < 100 then

	self.HealTime = CurTime() + 0.25
	pl:SetHealth( pl:Health() + 1 )



function POWERUP:EndThink( pl )

if self.EndTime < CurTime() or not pl:Alive() then


function POWERUP:End( pl )


function POWERUP:DamageTaken( pl, victim, dmginfo )


function POWERUP:Paint()


powerup.Register( “Regeneration”, POWERUP )[/lua]


Maybe you should get the pixelated goatse out of your avatar.

This looks pretty nice so far, when will the Fretta gamemode officially come to GMod and finish development because I don’t really feel like downloading GMod beta right now just to get it.

No keep it :dong:

If I ever bother to start up my SDK again I could try making a map, I have nothing else to do really.

How about pickups that give you infinite ammo, knock all nearby players back, or heal all nearby teammates to full health instantly?

Ammo is already infinite… I don’t see the use in one that knocks players back, but maybe a force field would work… And i’ve already done a healing-related powerup.

I wanna make one powerup that does something related to the player earning time. And maybe another joke powerup that spawns a timeroller.

I mean in terms of infinite ammo you don’t lose bullets in your clip while firing, so with the SMG, shotgun, and pistol you can fire infinitely.

Easy, invisibility

Perhaps have one that simply stops you taking damage and maybe another that deflects the enemies attack back in their direction as a more rare powerup.

Will there be propane?

Propane for what?

Random explosive objects.

I guess if the mapper wants to add it.

what about propane accessories

cracks open an Alamo Yup…

[good idea by the way]

They’re referencing the TV show called “King of the Hill.” The dude sells propane and stuff.