King Of The Mountains!

Hey guys, just thought i would bring this forward. basically when i was playing i was able to get anywhere on the map. Now i dont just mean the current playable area, i mean anywhere on the huge island. I discovered this out of pure chance, as i had no idea on the map i was and just kept running in hope of finding somewhere after about 20 mins YES 20 mins of running i decided i was seeing a change in terrain and i was not in the map, yet there was no radiation to mark the edge of the map. However it was pretty barren and there were only trees, this would have been ok, however there was no source of food! So knowing i was going to die i decided i was going to explore before i come to an end from starvation. These are pictures taken over-looking the entire map, from night to day! Just thought this would be nice to share with you!

At night looking away from the playable area:

Sun-set looking in a different direction away from the playable area:

Early morning view towards the playable area:

Daylight over the playable area:

How exactly did you get to the largest mountain?

I was literally able to just walk up to it, read the post i explained :slight_smile:

I went up there too a few wipes ago and found a little shack without a door with a sleeping bag and a box full of gear. Didn’t take it cause I was going to starve but I guess up there you don’t need a door

yah me too.

people still use gyazo?

Haha, its simple and quick so it does the job for me :slight_smile:


Oh ok i will have a look thanks!

Was this on a stream I missed Magic?

No but i did stream just after last night!

stream one going to it :smiley:

interesting screenshots, i like.

Give us more day time ones?

Amazing views but where you will found your materials ? :rolleyes:

Well that’s a new inspiration why we can’t have snipers yet lol.

Cool pics :smiley: