Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku

i got medrop’s packs, and the riku never worked, i’ve asked around, it hasnt worked for most people. so, can someone make me a KH2 Riku ragdoll? oh and maybe a kairi in school outfit, but mainly just riku.

heh, bump.

… You know their is a thread for all KH2 stuff including Kairi or w/e and maybe Riku…you just have to look for it.

that’s medrop’s thread. riku is just textures, no model. i have everything else from it. his kairi is in normal outfit, not schoolgirl.


School Girl Kairi

have fun :smiley:

That’s the same one that bioshockguy said didn’t have the model. On that page, click on the “View Contents” on the left. You should notice almost immediately that it’s only textures, and not any sort of model.

dawww, well at least i got School Girl Kairi

Ah, you’re in luck. I actually have that ragdoll on my computer. Not sure which of Medrop’s packs I got it from, but I did know that I had to move a few things to the right folders to get it working (mainly the textures).

ach, Riku didn’t work for me, and well, this is what i got when i eyeposed kairi to look strait ahead.

Awww look.
She’s stoned.

i dont really know how to respond to that >.<

anyway, RTB, you think you can get me a working riku? i can use the kairi, my pink outfit one has no faceposing.

Riku does work, though. I just tested the ragdoll out by moving my main Square-Enix folder out of Addons, and placing the same files I uploaded in a new folder.

Did it not work for you, or weren’t you able to find it? Because I didn’t include a spawnlist, and the model is in the root models folder (as in, just click on the folder under “Browse”).

I can make one later if you want.

yeah, i wnet into the things, saw the file called ‘kh2riku’ and there was no model in it. so if you could make me one, OneWingedAngel8, that would be great.

I can’t make a model, just a spawnlist…

ach, that’s unfortunate.

ok, i screwed around with some of the files, and POOF! Riku was there! so i have him now, thanks.