Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Model; ; Model Rigging for Garry's Mod.

Would someone please rig the following models;,, and
I would really appreciate it!

200% support for this, c´mon guys, this would be excellent, they can be rigged. Well, actually rig all of them is really a great work, so let´s gonna make it more light, let´s say…for now, only the main character (Ventus, Terra & Aqua)

Thanks for your support!

Man, if it´s something about Kingdom Hearts, i would ALWAYS agree

Now if someone would rig them…

Hmmm…maybe, why don´t you tell to someone expert with these?, for example, luigimario, roland4567(i thin that this is how it´s written)gman, lilwasa, Haxxer…there´s a lot of people expert on these, but, let´s put some photos, i know that more than 1, don´t know what are you talking about, put a photo of…i don´t know, a photo of the 3 keyblade masters on-game and, you can put the link…i can´t know bcz i´m gonna to take a rest

i support this too

This has my full support. The one to rig these will forever be a GMod legend.

really, instead of people just saying “oh I support”, how about you learn to rig so then you don’t need to wait for someone to eventually come along and do it for you then you don’t need to keep waiting for it… just saying anyway another thing I could rig if I could be arsed

I absolutely would love to learn how to do this. Any help would be great but no one has been able to point me in the right direction.

How about if you don´t do this seem like a dream?. I would possible learn to rig, but i´m not perfect, and i´m really sure i´m gonna to get frustrated. Also, why do you stop doing Harley Williams? You doesn´t have time or you lost the files?

Is incredible easy rig a model:

Well, i will try to do it with a model, i will see with a model of this game, but looks simple, like experiment 223, this night, i will try

They have the Birth By Sleep models? THAT’S AWESOME! I SUPPORT. I gotta ask though, since it’s a PSP game, won’t the quality suck more than the PS2 games?

Umm. Okay. Why the hell does anyone want a model from Kingdom Hearts?

Get Out, i think that you are a Mass Effect fan or such things like that, so if you don´t have any intelligent thing to say, get out of the thread.

Because it´s useful for us, and stop trolling this thread, if you don´t like KH or Epic Mickey, just DON´T comment

Some people like Kingdom Hearts. It was a good game.

It’s a pretty good series overall.

Because Kingdom Hearts is fantastic in the eyes of most. The series sales attest to that. You now have your answer. Troll elsewhere please.

Back on topic, I’ll try my hand at model rigging! I’d love to give back to the GMod community.

the hardest part is getting the sdk compiler working again sigh

I have to say, it -is- a little discouraging that the first step in that tutorial is “buy this 3,500 dollar program to get started!”