Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep models

you can now extract files from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

some extracted files (1 ARC, 3 PMO, 1 SEDBSSCF and scan results)
test version:

I take no credit for this
since I only uploaded it. This was made by **Falo from
**here are all the models i hav all the models is in obj

Could someone extract the Pooh models, specifically Rabbit’s? I know he shows up on that command board system and he’s one of my favorite characters to screw around with.


maybe medrop wil port the models

Never played any of these games but we need donald,mickey and goofy since i heard they are in those games.

i hav the models but the models is deformale so i need som help to fix them



i want to sooooo port these but i cant… i have new computer and i lost all my programs lol

and i dont come here often

it’s ok that you do not have time right now but
we have a big error to fix befor we can port the models to gmod

The download link to the .obj files don’t seem to be working for me. It keeps saying “the server is not responding” Can you re-upload it? Thanks!

(and yes, I’m new)

The download link seem to be working for me

Looks like a nasty case of smoothing loss, flipped tris and mangled normals @.@

Think the extracter used to get them may need some work ~.~

BTW, does anyone here know which .OBJ in the list is Vintas or whatever that Masked guy’s is named?

can a tool fix it?