Kingdom Hearts characters up to date(No, not #3)

no, not for the upcoming installment of kingdom hearts, that’s not even out yet

so far the only kingdom hearts that I’ve been able to find are and its rather…limited in what it can offer, it offers a few of the characters, however, most of them don’t have face posing.

i was hoping, in light of the next installment being prepared, that some people might have gotten back into KH, and would be willing to update some of the characters, such as these guys being given a bit of a polish

thank you for taking time to read this, and possibly to respond.

also, i’ve decided, that if i can request specific characters be done (before others?) then i’ll even pay for it

not sure if the changes i made to this have worked or not, but if they havent, the gist is: if i can request certain characters, i’ll pay for the services done