Kingdom Hearts Ragdolls

So i recently downloaded Medrop’s Kingdom Hearts ragdolls, I put them into the addons folder and I can’t find them in-game :frowning: I tried searching this in the forums but I couldn’t find any results on where to put them (unless I was too lazy to look again) so can someone tell me where to put these ragdolls? (Mainly the Sora, Riku and Kairi models) Sorry if this is a noob question :S

The “models” and “materials” folders should be in a folder, named whatever you want or whatever the porter named it, along with an “info.txt” file. If the author didn’t include one you can copy the info.txt file from another addon that you know is working and place it in that folder, along with the models and materials. That folder, containing both the models and materials folders and your info.txt should then go in your addons folder. When you fire up garry’s mod and load a map, look under the “browse” tab for that folder, named whatever you named it, and your models should be there. I’m sorry I reiterated myself so much, but people seem to be having a lot of trouble doing this lately and are posting many threads on it, so hopefully this drives it home.

Thank you so much! It worked perfectly :smiley:

Where did you get the Kingdom Hearts add on>?

yeah where’d you get the ragdollas