Kings Bounty model and animation export script for blender

Hi Everyone

I need a Python script for Blender to export models and animations in King’s Bounty .bma and .bsa format.Please don’t remove my topic and please help me.Providing samples also.

Thanks in advance.

i can try. i can atleast get a raw model, but i need textures for the uvs. i take the demoness texture samples ofc. i don’t care if packed or dds or png or wtf. i may figure it out.

Ok i will provide you the textures.Please create an export script for Blender.

Here are the textures:

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How is the progression? Please tell me episoder

do you have patience? this is not done in a bunch of minutes. i got the faces, vertices, bone weights and the bone matrices. no texture coordinates yet. and i still gotta code some sort of importer. and i’ve never done that. if you want fast ask somebody else and maybe you gotta pay the other for it. :smile:

Ok sorry.I will wait.Please don’t get mad

you like milkers? they are inclusive in the model. :v:

now i gotta fazzle my head howto to get the bones and all that data.

Nice work done.After you finish the python script for Blender please provide it to me so that i can export the model in .bma and animations in .bsa file format

Hello episoder

Are you still working on it.Please tell me,There is no need to hurry about it.

Ronny, if there is no hurry, then just keep quiet and wait)

yeh. i’Ve been ‘busy’ with some other (more interesting) stuff. i can take a look at the import again. gotta borrow some importer code. ugh.

Hello episoder

sorry to disturb you at this time,Could you please tell me how much time it will take to create my python script.I will be waiting for your generous answer.

i dunno. when it’s done. i’m working on it right now. be sure you’ll have it soon enough. i need a new importer for another game too. so… i’ll have to understand all of this bpy stuff anyway. you could try bpy yourself if you’re bored and tired of waiting. maybe you’ll learn something too.


okay. it may take a lil longer. i figured out i may have to decode the material/shader tables too or i gotta lucky hit the vertbuff signature. that’s unsafe shit. have a headsup. that’s what you deal with. anybody wanna join decoding?


signature 0x41140000

uint number of bones;

struct bone
	u32	strlenght;
	char[]	bonename;
	u32	boneid;
	u32	unk1;
	f32[9]	quathefuck; 	// ¯\_(?)_/¯
	uint	parent_bone;
	f32[16]	mat_bone;

matrices -z up, x forward


signature 0x5B530500

yet unk structure

drawcalls (submeshes?)

signature 0xCB8E2302

yet unk structure


signature 0x6B9C1101

count of verts

struct packb
	u8[4]	1234;

struct vertex
	s16[3]	pos;
	s16[3]	nrm;
	s16[2]	uv;
	packb	boneidx;
	packb	boneweights;


signature 0xFB410100

uint indexcount ( div 3 -> triangles )

nr of u16 indices;

i need a break. my eyes hurt. gimme some anime @internet.

Thankyou you can proceed


can you please send me the next progress screenshot

I wish i knew Japanese, to thoroughly explain to you why and how you should wait quietly.


Can you please tell me when i will get my script.
Sorry for the Disturbance.