King's Compilation

Hey there folks even though I’ve only had about a month’s total worth of time experience in posing(even though I started in Feburary and I do this in my spare time,) I figured I’d post a compilation of my pics for C&C and to sort of make a milestone for myself. So if you all could provide some form of comments or remark, that’d be greatly appreciated. The links of when the screens were made aren’t in exact order so bare with me on that. Any others before these I couldn’t find the links to, so consider this my disclaimer.

Love it.


nice stuff, dawg

it makes me sad that so many of these things i see any more are actually pretty good.

also makes me realize that most of the screenshotters these are are GROWING UP

What the hell have you been smoking?

as a 1/2 veteran of screenshoting I can say that these are pretty good for a months progress.
somethings like editing and lighting could use some work but you’re on a good road, so continue up it.

I think they’re great! You’ve been improving alot during a short amount of time! Keep it up!


Some of the best i’ve seen.