King's couple of Scene's Thread #3

Fire Storm

If someone can edit the bottom of the flame to make it look a bit better I would appreciate it!

"Fall back immediately, we are being over run!

Camping, aaand shit I forgot the tent.

Sorry, but how many of these are you going to make?.

Pretty cool.

*If I am allowed to, I will be making scene threads with around 3-4 scenes I put good amounts of effort on (For now on)
Source: My 2nd Scene Thread.

In the very first pic you forgot to add bullet shells and smoke from the shooting, some bullets hitting the wall near the guy to the left would’ve been good as well.

Last pic is my fav XD, like the colors on that one.

Its pleasure…nice

The fire edit on the first one could have gone better, but looking good sir.

these. are. awesome. I love the first pic. where did u get the dudes?
(PM ME!!!)

you keep forgetting the Tags…