King's couple of Scene's Thread #5 (yay)

Mostly generic type scenes, I’ve been out of the whole scene making thing for a few weeks, practice makes perfect right?

*I found some Rangers from COD Ghosts ported to CSS on YouTube, they are actually pretty good in my opinion.

Chinese Beauty

I was testing Fog and an IDF Reskin on GameBanana, sorry I know lots of tests.

This is a remake of an old scene I made.

Also, my friend hooked me up with a nice LG Monitor (1360x768)

Your stuff has always been really nice. Keep it up.

Thanks! Always open to improvement/constructive criticism.

The contrast on the last pic doesn’t look too good tbh

Amazing…very well done.

You’ve got some good work going here man, the progress you’ve made is very noticeable. I hate to be a bother but do you perhaps have a link to the Ghosts models you found?

Even though the poses in the second pic are well done, the purple and the green don’t mix/ maybe too much bloom in that one? Really screw up my eyes.

I really like the second one.

You still seem to have gone a little overboard on all the editing. The posing themselves aren’t bad, it’s just the editing (most noticeable in the last picture) is too contrasty. Work on that, and you’re Golden.

You’re improving for sure, hope to see more.

Here you go bud:
I replace the .phy files with the ones from these guys
I used their .phy files for many scenes I’ve made and always enjoy working with it.

Awesome, thanks for the hookup dude!

No problem! :>

You don’t understand how badly I want to learn how to properly edit pictures like others do, but GIMP is nearly impossible FOR ME to learn. So I stick with After Effects (yeah its sad how its meant for videos).