Kings Scene Thread 7 (Seventh crappy thread! :D)

First time trying to make a simple GIF
How the fuck do I insert the GIF in this thread rather than a link?

Over the summer, I might try GIMP out a bit more. Like usual, I appreciate comments/feedback!

Gifs are images so a simple img should work.

Your pictures don’t look bad, but they have a lot of contrast in them, use it less.

You should definatelly work on your posing too.

-upon closer inspection of these poses, i have revoked my amazing-


Have you ever attempted something different? Cos in all your threads,it’s basically the same recipe;guys holding and/or firing guns with funky contrast slapped on.

Too much editing, wonky posing, and that gif is pretty bad. I’d really really work on your posing rather then posting threads that you yourself know are crappy.

I totally love the last two.

Are those Nosgoth models? When did we get those?

I do too, the armored cars that are moving with no drivers, and a ton of empty space and weird contrast is totally awesome. The last one isn’t “bad”, th contrast stuff is just too much.

Your GIF:

^ copy that link and put [ img] [ /img] tags around it