Kings Scene Thread 8 | Back from vacation, practicing with Garrys Mod again.

I got back a week ago so I took a 2 week break from Garry’s Mod, and from what it seems, I’ve gotten sloppier. (If that’s even possible) Happy later 'Murica day!

Got MGS5 Ground Zeroes for the XBOX One and I just had to make a scene with Snakes soldiers. Also turns out After Effects has a RAIN Effect…

Posted this one on the Half Life Reddit, got some nice feedback. 7 Hour War

Trying out scene building again with fog

I really wanted to try out this Seal Team Guy my buddy fixed for me a while back to be nice.
"No enemy shall escape thy forest!

Generic L4D type scene, sorry

The second one’s probably my favourite.

More wonky posing and over contrasted pictures, and you broke the “number one rule” of screenshots by using NPCs in the background, or at least you duplicated the same NPC 4 times and used what seems to be the same lens flare on all of their heads. Also, do not use that built in rain effect, it’s not that great. You can get much better effects by doing it manually.

**Also, do not use that built in rain effect, it’s not that great. You can get much better effects by doing it manually.

I had a damn good snow effect on my laptop that with some editing would look exactly like rain fall, sadly I can’t be arsed to go onto that slow hunk of shit.

It’s not my problem. If you don’t put work into it and use shortcuts and NPCs. . . . You’re not going to produce anything better than what you have.

Alright, noted.

to be blunt, if you knew your basic Half-Life lore you wouldn’t put human/Overwatch/whateverhumanoid soldiers on the Combine side in a “Seven Hour War” pic

It wasn’t combine ground troops that invaded earth? I did hear that they used different types of aliens to invaded but I’m not entirely sure.

The combine troops you see in HL2 are re-purposed humans, hence their humanoid appearance. Metrocops are actual regular humans who work for the combine so they and their families don’t get fucked up as much as others and they get more food.

Well, zombies in L4D pose are just like hanging from they’r chest and that’s it, you need more practice at the stand poses

the 7 Hour War was basically the Combine spamming all kinds of synths at Earth’s pathetic defences, probably something so monstrous that the peace-keeping force of gunships and striders etc looks like a bunch of insects in comparison.

In the first one the head is tilted to the right too much, it’s as if he just found a penny or something. You can just make his head look in the middle to fix that one. The scenebuilds are pretty good. I would focus more on the limbs and heads of the models when you pose them, the soldier in the last pic looks really good as an example.