King's Scenes Thread #8 Vacation time!

I tried some new things for these and personally think I did the best I could without using some advanced editing software like Photoshop.
Tried some scene building and too a good amount of time to make these photos damn near perfect on my screen.

2 Screenshots I thought were too good to be deleted, personally.

Still some generic poses I made, tested soft lamp and the shadows look really sharp and nice.

Town Battle Scene build thing.

Going on vacation on saturday so I’ll be out for a whole week, get ready to celebrate.

Wow, 2nd pic O_O

I really love the third one. You are improving mate.

That second one is absolutely gorgeous. Had me wondering if it was Arma 3.

Dawww that guy’s giving that spider a hug!

A simple hug can make almost anyone feel better! <3

Dat lighting setup.

So, is the second picture just a screenshot or?

Looks like a screenshot from Forest Valley

That’s what I was thinking, yep.