Kinnikuman Ragdolls

I would like to see GMOD Ragdolls for various Kinnikuman Characters

A few I want

Kinnikuman / King Muscle




Robin Mask


Brocken Jr.

Geronimo / Beetlebomb

I think a simple way to make these is either from scratch or ripping them from a Kinnikuman Game

The reason I want these ragdolls is beacause I’m a fan of kinnikuman and I may use these for animations if I can figure the system out


None of those exist in games do they.
I don’t think anyone’s going to take the twenty months it would take to build one of those from scratch,
let all of all of them.

Yes there are modern games for these characters, let me list them out

Ultimate Muscle - Legends vs New Generation (Gamecube - all but Geronimo are in the game)

Galactic Wrestling ft. Ultimate Muscle / Kinnikuman Generations (Playstation 2)

Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Series (KMGP MAX & KMGP 2 Tokumori - Playstation 2 - JP only)

Kinnikuman Muscle Generations (Playstation Portable - JP only)

The only PC game featuring the characters is a Unofficial 2D Fighting game called Kinnikuman Muscle Fight


For the sake of Manly Classics, Kinnikuman is way better than most of the anime seen today.
These characters are well noticed in Japan, and somewhat in the US

Dude… for the love of God…
Let it die already.

I did say there were games released in america for these that someone who is capable of console porting could do : Galactic Wrestling feat. Ultimate Muscle is probably the most possible to port from since it’s only for PS2, as opposed to some being only in japan and it’s predecessor only on gamecube