KINO Device Pre-WIP

This is going to be the thread I use for getting ideas, and giving updates, on the KINO project I am now starting. I don’t know when this could be done, or if it can be finished. I have never done a sent like this before. I will need support. MY ONLY MOTIVATION IS PEOPLE SAYING THAT THEY SUPPORT ME! I need to know that at the end of the long haul, I will have a lot of happy people.

For now, I need to know what we want the KINO to do. Also keep in mind that this will be tied into the KINO Remote Device SWEP that I made(LINK HERE), so it will be controlled by that remote.


**Parts List**

XY/Z Controlled Orb Should be easy enough using wire hookups like the gate uses with the current KINO Remote Device(KRD herein)
Weather Moniter I have never linked to LS2/3, but I will learn what I must to make it compatible WITH BOTH LIFE SUPPORTS!
Camera Again, I was never good at RT Cameras, but I know the technology is there, so I will learn how to use it.
Pictures Should be easy.


Seriously, without ideas, how is this supposed to move on?

No pics, no clicks.

Also KINO reminds me of KENO the gambling thing.

Kino is also german for Cinema

You’re kidding me.

I wish I could help, but I don’t know anything in Lua. But I greatly anticipate this! It sounds a lot like a flying MALP, but more useful. Like how it is in the show.

I’m not exactly sure what this is all about. You’ve got this KINO standardised control system, and you’ve made a remote control for it already. Now you need things for the remote control to control. Is this right?

Actually, right now the SWEP is just a DHD. So he needs a thing for it to control so he can makes his remote control remote control.

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Sorry dude, but I am not going to put lies up there! There are no pics because there isn’t anything to take a picture of.

There must be something about having a video camera in a game, but I would love to see this. I would be one of those happy people at the finishing line. So yes, you have my support.


  • Fish-eye lens effect
  • Grungy texture on the sides of the screen like in the Kinosodes
  • Kino flying sound whenever the Kino is moving at a fast speed. Silent when stationary
  • Could also be a SWEP, maybe, seeing as the characters will have it pocketed (SWEP) then throw it up and then it floats (SENT)

That’s all I have right now.


  • Zooming

Yea kino swep would be the best thing for that i think.

Sorry, I have been off for a while. I will be off again for a while. But I came by to say that I am not making a Kino now, but will update the remote when one is released.

I might make a kino over the course of the summer, but I might not, and I don’t want to give false hope. Please expect nothing, but also know that I may release it someday.(Hopelessly, remember, no hopefulness!)

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