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I have created a Kino from SGU in Garrysmod with the Expression2 chip.
It is the first thing I have made that I feel is worth posting.

@name Kino
@inputs X Y Z
@persist V:vector A:angle


if(owner():lastSaid()== "!on")
elseif(owner():lastSaid()== "!off"){Kino:applyAngForce(ang(0,0,0))

Basically, I just made it the model of a combine helicopter bomb and stuck a camera on it. It follows you and looks where you look. It’s nothing special, almost copy pasted off a tutorial, but it still works.

Just a couple minor changes.

Moves slower(doesn’t go at the speed of light anymore).
Removed the applyForce stablisation for accuracy to the show(bobs around a bit)
Made it farther away and closer to the ground.
Only split up applyAngForce and applyForce, as opposed to everything.
Added stablisation back(without, it was horrible)
Changed position again
Best so far By saying “!off”, it will stop applying any force or angular force. To turn it back on, say “!on”.

Learning about holograms to make an SGU accurate HUD(dark ring around the camera). So far I got the shape and position, but I can’t get it to change angle and position with the entity.

A step by step tutorial.

  1. Copy the code above with CTRL+C
  2. Open your Expression2 tool and select “Create New Expression” or something like that.
  3. In place of the basic layout, paste in this code with CTRL+V
  4. Save the expression. What name you choose doesn’t matter.
  5. Go into your model list, right click an icon(helicopter bomb if you want to be accurate to the show) and select “Copy to clipboard”
  6. Go into your console, input “wire_expression2_model CTRL+V” No quotation marks, and in place of typing CTRL+V you push CTRL+V. if you don’t get anything, you did something wrong, try again, it happens.
  7. Spawn the Expression.
  8. Set the physical properties to anything, but “Toggle Gravity” must be unchecked.
  9. Do what you want with it. You cannot smartsnap a camera onto a heli bomb and expect it to work. You’ll have to nocollide a camera/turret/whatever and weld it once it’s in the right spot.

Now you are ready. To turn it off, type in, “!off”. for on, guess. “!on”

Um…so you watched Maso’s video tutorial and then copied and pasted the code he showed in the video here why?

Yes, I did. I said that.
I changed a little(barely enough to notice, it follows behind or ahead of you).
But, instead of just a PHX plate that just does nothing, it actually has a(somewhat) point.

Plus, there’s pretty much no other way to do it.

This is a goddamn wire tutorial.

And there are no pictures.

It’s by far not an understatement when I say “Try Harder.”

I’m sorry.
The other was a tutorial. This is a demonstration. This looks slightly more interesting that a 1X1 PHX prop.
It follows you as opposed to hovering over you.
I know that it’s almost a copy paste of a tutorial.
But how else would you do it?
Video’s up in a second.
Video’s up.
Yes it’s horrible.
And post below: I am still not sure. I seem to have created this to be annoyed, but I am uncertain.

point of thread was?

There are other ways to do it. I have a code different from yours that does the same thing that I put together with the help of the wiremod community. Also, if Abstrakt is still around, he’s a perfect example. For the future, you don’t post things you made that are solely from a tutorial. Maybe if you added some, I don’t know, DESIGN, to it, it would be thread worthy.

Add a hud and you could make very nice 3rd person e2

I’m trying to make a prop that has the same angles as the owner instead of aimPos, but it went wrong whatever I did. I tried changing aimPos to elevation, bearing, pitch and yaw but it never worked. Help please?
And how can I have a prop as an Expression2?



They are helpful

A console command. You right click a prop, choose copy to clipboard, then open the console.
You type in, “wire_expression2_model ctrl+v” and there you go.
You don’t type in ctrl+v, you push it.

And a minor update to the code.


Gonna need to study e2 to do that.

Isn’t that still the aimpos?

I want it to copy player angles.

Edited again after testing. No longer entirely resembles a tutorial.

I would really have use for this if it was player angle instead of aimpos.

I’m sorry for being an idiot, but…
Player angle?

You know, the same rotation as player instead of looking where the player looks.

I’ll have to learn some more E2 to do that.

The point is that if you get the player angles it wont screw up when sitting in vehicles or cockpits or whatever.

I’ll have to test Infinity’s idea, although it might not work. That function just outputs the position you’re looking at.
Anyways, yeah, I get the point. I just don’t know how.

I’m not sure why I came in here expecting keno.

…and uh, what resolution are you running at? I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to build with something that small.