Kirby Expressions Pack 3

I still don’t know how to do skingroups, but when I do, I may make it for just one model. Includes happy face, screaming face, unamused and smug smile.

If anyone wants to help me figure out skingroups, contact me via IM.

was this done with paint? kirby has jaggy edges on its faces

It was done with gimp, and some of the eye lines are a bit scribbly. I don’t notice any jaggy edges from when I was testing them.

I think a SSBB version of Kirby would have been a better model, because that model could actually be faceposable instead of using skins for different facial expressions.

Well, I don’t have access to said model, and I can’t rig models, sadly. If a SSBB Kirby model for garry’s mod exsists, please inform me.

could you redraw the lines to not be jaggy? steady your hand.

I think I’ll use line tool next time, I may redo some of these kirby skins and the ones from the previous packs as well.