Kirby Ragdoll (Brawl or Return to Dreamland?)

I’ve noticed that there seems to be no recent ragdoll of Kirby, despite the excellent ports of Meta-Knight and Dedede from their Brawl models. Would it be easier to get Kirby’s model out of Brawl, or from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland? Come to think of it, are there differences between his model in both games? I’ve never made a close comparison of the two, so I can’t be sure. I felt kind of obligated to speak out on this, because the only thing available is that near-ancient model from MRDEATH or whoever, and the only expressions for him are separate models that other guy made because he apparently never learned how to use skingroups or bodygroups.

I guess the big problem is how stretchy and squishy Kirby is, since you’d probably have to incorporate a specific set of flexes for him to flatten on different axes, as well as to open his mouth as wide as he does in the games. All things considered, I would love to see a workable Kirby ragdoll, and maybe even his hats and weapons from Return to Dreamland.

RTB ported the Model from Kirby’s Return to DreamLand, and it has bodygroups and skins. But unfortunately, no hats yet. ->

Really? Aw man, that Mediafire link’s gone invalid.

i came to this page very exited for the kirby ragdoll then i discovered it was not here so i cried

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It seems that was a beta ragdoll of Kirby, so we’ll have to wait until RTB’s finished tweaking it. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever even NEED his ability hats from Return to Dreamland, because there’s already the entire selection from coughHat Fortress 2, and probably dozens upon dozens more.