Kirby Ragdoll

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Kirby Ragdoll

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] A Kirby Ragdoll

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] WinRar

[tab]Download:[/tab] below [/release]

My second ragdoll,

I’m sorry if this was already made but I looked around and I never saw an actual kirby ragdoll.

His arms are a bit stiff so they don’t flail around so much when you throw him.

Please tell me where to improve and I will try to improve it :slight_smile:

Plain colors are good :stuck_out_tongue:


	"#Kirby"				"models/kirby/kirby.mdl"


Please comment :slight_smile:

Awesome I love him, Kirby I mean.

I love you.

No,I’m not talking to kirby. :wink:
It’s not the greatest,but it’ll do! Awesome job.
What map is that?

Thanks :slight_smile:
It’s some test map I made, get really good fps on it.

Can he squish? please tell me he can squish. :frowning:

He can’t squish :frowning:

Making him squishy would take some leet ragdolling skills.
Also,two other kirby ragdolls were released a long time ago but both sucked ass.No offense,heh heh.
Wait,they weren’t ragdolls.

The spectator, you are GOD!!, this is what a lot of people were waiting for, and what I was really waiting for, this model is awesome in every way. Again thank you, for making him ragdolled, other people have made models, but it did not cross their mind to make it ragdolled. Very good work.5’s all around

Yeah! Nice ragdoll! I’ve been waiting for a good one for a while!

That’s funny, looks like he has ears!

I like it.


Finally! A decent Kirby!

SWEET, We can give him Amy’s Hammer from Sonic Pack/5

I love it :slight_smile: But the arms could be lower and the shoes lower. Make the villians now please!

THANK YOU SIR! you are my hero!

Very very good job! Now I can send kirby back home up into the clouds where he belongs with a rube goldberg device!

Absolutely awesome. Feet are a little too flat, but overall, I’ve got no gripes.
Oh, by the way, can somebody please hack this into Meta-Knight? :smiley:

That would be great! maybe the sword too, and a winged version… or the other characters

Very cool model, I don’t think I’ll download it (I don’t know when I’d use it) but it’s still really good.