Kirby's Air Ride models

If anyone wants to rip some models from Kirby’s Air Ride for the Gamecube…

then that would be excellent…

Ideas for ripped models would be Air Ride Machines, Kirbys with copy abilties, King Dedede, Metaknight, enemies, props from tracks etc.

Unsure if this can be done at all, or if there is any interest; but if if it can and someone would like to rip somethin… then there’s always Air Ride.


Could find a ISO/ROM for it… if anyone needs it to rip from.


Ahhh… loved that game some years ago! Its interesting nobody did it… The models are actually very good.

I ported a couple of them about a year ago. Haven’t really done anything else with them since.

[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

I’m planning on restarting that project (since the models are a little skewed), and ApocHedgie says he’ll help out as well. Probably won’t get started on it until next month, though.

This has great potential. Just imagine the possibilities of scripted vehicles using stars from Kirby’s Air Ride.

Those ports look pretty decent. Can’t wait to see if it progresses. :smiley:

Those look brilliant… are you gonna release them all together if you restart the project or are you going to release them in small packs then release a mega pack if/when you finish?

I’ll probably release them all at once.

All except for the Wagon Star, that is. I just can’t get its model, because Dolphin crashes every time it appears for whatever reason. However, I’ll just add in the two stars from Top Ride instead, until I can get that model extracted.

Sounds good. Have an idea… maybe you could port them so one could use the face poser on them so that they could change their appearances?
By that I mean the way certain parts of them move when charging a boost and when boosting… like the Jet Star’s claws bending inwards then going outwards sharply when it boosts forwards?
Not sure if it’s possible but it’d be cool.

I was planning on doing that. Like for one flex that separates the segments of the Swerve Star a bit, for example.

Wow, you’ve thought of everything! You thinking of porting Dedede/Metaknight/Kirby/enemies as well or are you going to concentrate on the air ride machines for now?

I’ll concentrate on just the air ride machines for now. I’ll think about porting the enemies someday later.