Kiss me, or i kill you baby

This came to mind -_(0.o)_/-

I can only commend you on this, very well done.
The lighting is very effective, although slightly overdone and in places draws too much focus from the foreground. Your posing is immaculate and the depth of field is spot on. Also your rimlighting fits very well. You can definately pick up the atmosphere you were going for.

I like your style.

why is zoey’s face so greasy. urgh i don’t want to know

Looks pretty dead already.

How is her face so detailed (albeit bacon-textured)?

no, this is standart model.

I misread the Title I though it was.


Nice overall though.

Let me rephrase the question: Why does her face look like that?

i dont know :smiley:

Weird, I noticed it in your otherr picture. The guy had some weird facial details, like the scar and shit. Interesting.