KISS Ragdolls and equipment??? plz make this! this is COOL!


I’m a huge KISS fan so I have a request for you geniuous who makes ragdolls and NPC etc. etc… I found it too hard for myself to make the ragdolls so I ask you guys instead! this is what I want!

-Paul Stanley

-Gene Simmons

-Ace Frehley

-Peter Criss

-Eric Carr

-Vinnie Vincent

  • the equipment they use!

-Paul Stanley’s Washburn guitar (It would be cool if it was breakable, hence Paul always brakes his guitar after a show :D)

-Gene Simmons Kramer Axe Bass

-Ace Frehley’s Les Paul guitar (with smoke coming out of it when you press a button? that would be cool)

-Peter Criss KISS drumset

-Eric Carr’s KISS drumset with the gong

-Vinnie Vincent Flying V guitar

-Some amps would be nice…

-A stage maybe? :wink: with bombs and and smoke going off when you press a button? and a HUGE KISS sign that glows…

If you want to you can make:

-Paul Stanley (without the make-up)
-Gene Simmons (without the make-up)
-Eric Carr (without the make-up)
-Vinnie Vincent (without the make-up)
-Bruce Kulick
-Eric Singer (With/without make-up)
-Tommy Thayer

But I dont have a request for those!

And I dont care which outfit you put on them if you make them! I just want KISS ragdolls…

Thanx a bunch if you make this!

Why not just post the pictures in the thread… makes more sense to do that.

Indeed. However, i fully support OP’s idea. We need something like that.


But seriously, post pictures, MAYBE someone will actually do it.

I would gladly post the images… but I can’t… It says “you may NOT post attatchments”…
or is there another way to post pictures form your computer on to the thread???
I’m new to all this so I dont know too much :smiley:

You can use hosting services such as imageshack, the forum does not allow for attachments. Then just copy the code or place the image url in [noparse]

url here


now theres pictures :smiley: happy now???