Kitchen props?

Despite my vast library of a rather stupid 8268 models, I recently discovered I am seriously lacking in the kitchen department.

Bad pun :smug:

Does anyone know where I can get any decent kitchen models?

By kitchen models, I mean stuff like work tops, microwaves, ovens etc.

I’ve had a quick lookise at the mappers encyclopaedia and I can’t see any obviously decent models that I need.

Many thanks.

The L4D props.

L4D Models

You could just make worktops out of brushes?

counters and cabinets and such can be made of brushes, for a cupboard texture just type “cabinet” in the texture search. Both Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike Source have decent microwaves, stoves and fridges. L4D has a toaster too.

Cherubim Entia’s furniture models. Comes with kitchen props.


You’d probably want to get his permission if you’re going to use them in a map, though.

How is this related to general section not requests?

I might release my kitchen counters which I made.