Kitty Role Play

In Kitty Role Play ( or KittyRP ) your a cat, trying to survive, you will be able to make your own clans, mark your clans territory, have kittens, ect.

The idea is simple, but there are going to be TONS of features I will be adding into the gamemode before and after the release.

I am planning to use a cat model found on by Haxor Kitty but if the orginal creator does not respond I will have to model one my self or find another.

This isn’t going to be some crappy little gamemode made in one day, I am planning on working on and supporting this for a long time. There are going to be custom animations so I am going to be needing help for this is a big project, I am not looking for animators but I will gladly accept experienced Lua coders who are willing to devote their time to this gamemode.

Here was a rough idea sheet I put together with ideas from Dr. Steve and Vakarian.

-Selectable Textures/Colors

Needed to survive:
-Water(Via rivers and puddles)
-Food(Via hunting mice and small animals)


Maps/Map Ideas:
-krp_woods: A large wooded area with a stream for drinking and an open field with mice.
---------=Later Versions=---------

-Selectable Genders
-Kittens(drink milk from mother)
-Ability to choose age
-Human NPCs

Maps/Map Ideas:
-Easter Eggs
-krp_city: A city with human NPCs and places to hide.

These are not all of the ideas, there are many more I have in a text file I saved from chats with the two idealists, until I get those sorted those features are all I have listed.

Sorry if this post is not in the best form, I’m a bit tired from working on the gamemode for 2 days straight, heh.

Any questions, comments, or ideas just post them below.

I would love to play this, I actually was interested in making a wild animal type RP/Adventure/Fighting gamemode. :3:

Aww kitten mod <3 rated heart.

I would love to play this. it would be funny, cute, and awesome at the same time.

Since I love cats, I would play it.

Heh, thanks guys, remember I’m open to ideas, so if you have any post them. :smiley:

Time to contribute!
If you get this map with human NPC’s working, would there be some kind of way for them to nurse you, or provide you with food in exchange for I don’t know what?

EDIT: And also, would there be some sort of skill level for biting and scratching, or maybe (another idea for an ability) scavenging?

Interactive mating? Just kidding. Anyways, so the the point is to survive? What are the human NPCs for? To kill the kittens, to capture them? What if the kitten doesn’t get enough food, or water? Then what happens? Just some questions to help elaborate this gamemode. It sounds different; I just want to know how it’s going to play out.

I do too, for it has potential.

>.> Why does every one think your just a kitten? You just start out as a kitten and grow.

I’m thinking about having it so you can choose your gender, and when you mate, your kitten is born when a player joins, and the player that joined is that kitten, thats just an idea though, I’m not sure how im going to put it in the gamemode, and not keep players waiting, for if theres only one sex on the server then no one is going to be born. If anyone has ideas on how to get around that then please post it.


I was thinking about humans nursing you, or just kicking them out, not really sure, and there may be a skills system for biting and scratching.

Yes the point is to survive, the human NPCS are only on the city map, they are there to keep the cats out of buildings, unless you can manage to sneak past them, otherwise they kick you out.(My friend came up with the idea, tried to explain the best I could lol. ) If a kitten doesn’t get enough food or water then its stanima drains, it does everything slower, and eventually dies.

Can I be a dog? :v:

I was thinking about a cats vs dogs thing but im not so sure about it, and if it does happen then it will be in a later release.

Finally something original :smiley:

Your going to need a modeler for this one.

GL would be hilarious to see this finished.

I support this gamemode.

Wait, if you’re saying you eventually become an old cat, then what comes after that?

haha, what if you died and then were perma banned from the server. :V

Heh, you don’t really grow old after you are fully grown, I never really thought about it though.

Vip’s can be humans and kick the cats around :smiley:

Kitty :smiley: