Kitty Surprise

Enjoy, this is the first gmod horror film that I ever made, I hope you guys like it.

How is this even considered a horror film…?

There is something wrong with you Drunkard. The only thing scary about this garbage, is that you’re probably going to respond and tell me that it’s art I can’t even fathom because I’m video illiterate. To answer your presumable question, I interpret this video as a reflection of… your own sick fantasies.

it’s art I can’t even fathom become I’m video illiterate?

Thanks. Seems you’re more useful for finding typos, than for making videos.

Did the “Gman squad” really endorse this?

It’s not a type of you use bad grammar on purpose.


I’m hans ketchup in source wars :slight_smile:

If you were this analytical towards video making, as you are with forum posting, you might make something mediocre- a step up for you actually.

I like you. We should make some movies together, I have a server we can do it on. invite me on steam, and we can start collaboration

Your movies are masterpieces man


Thank you :slight_smile:

At least someone gets it

The symbolic beauty that is “Kitty Surprise” never cease to amaze me, after each watch. Take a seat next to Kubrick, why don’t you?

I mean, this is the Citizen Kane of Gmod :downs: