Kitty0706 gets raped/Tim Goes to School: Part 2

Part 2 of the reason for my impending expulsion
also Elliot/kitty0706 gets raped at 9:40 :slight_smile:

this was very poorly made…

what gmod movies aren’t?

Exactly why I never go to the videos section.

Yet you are here anyways, looking at videos regardless.


Most gmod movies are poorly made, however there are some that are actually good. this one was poorly made.

Title caught my eye


Quite a few, actually. But that’s still no excuse to half ass your videos.

I actually spent almost a month on this.
Yes, I know it’s not very good from an outsider’s perspective, but I created this mostly for my schoolmates,so most of the humour is reliant on inside jokes and the general kick people get from seeing themselves in Gmod form.




The argument would go like this:

You: Your videos aren’t very good.

Me: No, they’re good, you just can’t see right.


ok my videos are shitty. I admit it. I am an untalented hack, and I spent half my summer working on two shitty gmod videos that even I think are shitty.

No, you must cut off your dick and feed it to the blood god first.

OP is the sun he will burn you all.

The title caught my eye too. I thought Kitty might be a girl.

This is the best video ever. Nothing will ever be better. OP you are great and you should feel great!

Oh hey, it’s that guy that added me on steam to be a dumb ass, and he’s an alt of a permabanned user :buddy:

Who are you talking to. I know not of you.
And on topic. This video is great. The voice acting was awesome.

No, no

I fairly remember you making the “How to kill furfags video”

I’m sure you are mistaking me for someone else.