Kitty0706: How does he Do it??

OK, with every vid his guy puts out he continues to amaze me more every time.
Specifically the question of how in the fight scenes between niko and roman, how did he get them to do all that stuff? looks far too sophisticated to be simple physgun, custom choreography perhaps?
Seriously I need to know.

He probably made the animations in 3dsmax, compiled them and putted in gmod.

Oh gawd that vid was lol

greenscreen+stop motion+AAE I think

a little too fast and random in places.
i couldnt tell what was going on some of the time.

Also can someone tell me what that laughing sound is at the end? It’s used a lot nowadays

He uses annoying sound effects.

Couldn’t the custom choreography just be mad ein Faceposer?
I mean wow, just wow. Apart from the hours of work that must have gone into posing and filming and then putting it all together in Sony Vegas, I can imagine how long it took to make the choreography, and 10 minutes of it!
I mean just to make this 3 Minute piece of shite took me at least 3 hours,

The sheer time and effort that must have gone into this…

Things i know:
He doesn’t use ANY 3D programs excluding possibly Source SDK FacePoser.
He only uses Sony Vegas, no Adobe After Effects.
I’m pretty sure he just takes a lot of screenshots and physgun tricks.

as the above user said, it’s just a lot of very clever tricks

It’s just stock NPC animations with objects parented to their hands and stuff.

But it’s utterly brilliantly executed.

As far as I know, there is no stock npc animation for a lot of the fight scenes.
Stock animations or no, this is still beyong amazing, and he’s not even 16 yet!