Kiwi (HL2RP)


fuck orange headed kids that are 13 years old.

Hm…it seems a lot like Kuro and TnB. I’d like if you explained how this is different from those., by maybe explaining this ‘Flash Forward’ ?

Currently making a video on some features.(canceled)

Alright, I can’t say if it sounds promising or not because I don’t know much details but once you feel ready to show it I’ll be waiting.

I don’t particularly understand. Like Men In Black style “Mindwipe” without even a hint of RP? Just hit a button and “lol u hav forgotten da last f3w hourz!” ? This doesn’t make it different whatsoever… It’s just a pointless feature than can be achieved via roleplay.

Kiwi is now running on

Edit: You character doesn’t save yet, so I have to talk to the developer of the script, he should be on in about an hour or two…

Applications are now open.

Screenshots from the server.

Are they seriously NPCs in those pics? Why bother man? You’re not fooling anyone.

Actually, Those are real players. Except for some of the Civil Protection units, What are you trying to do…
I was going to say ‘jelous’ But i forgot how to spell it, how idiotic of me… Wow.

Edit: Some of the scenes (like the CP arrest, And the shop /are/ Npcs though, forgot to mention.)

Wait so I’m supposed to believe that perfectly spaced distance between all the citizens in the line, who are all facing DIRECTLY in front of them I might add, aren’t NPCs as well. You basically said they were the only ones who weren’t NPCs. CPs are NPCs, that arrest scene are NPCs. It’s cool to add them for flair man but don’t go and say they’re people. Just seems really douchey of you. (btw douchey = NOW A WORD :O)

It is quite obvious that they are NPCs. It would be too hard to arrange ragdolls to stand like that, and it would be too hard to make normal players stand like that. You can also see the prop protection saying that the players belong to world, while one with the CP doesn’t show any ownership. I’m not surprised, and I don’t mind that NPCs were used, it has the potential to show some nice features of the script when you have dedicated players.

I could be mixing up the whole ownership thing, but I’m pretty sure NPCs are the one that belong to world. (Rate me disagree if I am in fact incorrect)

Like i said, Not ALL OF THEM ARE NPCS, Btw, If you stand close to a player, You cannot get right up into them, there is spacing, Most of them are fake, But some are real photos. And deadeye you are very correct, NPCs do belong to the world category.